Raspberry pie and ABC horse bulimia

I had a bit too many horses so I had to remove a breed.As I, after a lot of pain, decided to breed only American Standardbreds and not Hackneys I started to remove my hackneys. But i still had a pregnant mare…. Of course she got an awesome baby! And the same day a friend wanted to sell her Golden chestnut Hackney mare with a perfect Dun bay mare foal to pair with my Dun bay boy…. bah….

So I decided to make a Raspberry Pie irl and think about it again…

We ate the pie and I bought the horses OF COURSE! Arghhh! But they are gorgeous, so I have 3 dun bay exceptional coated Hackneys now, thanks Chatte xxx. So now i have too many horses again and a little cuddly Hackney family too :O)


I refrain from eating too much pie, but i cant stop buing or breeding horses. I might have to rent more land too. Do i suffer from ABC horse bulimia? :}


One Comment to “Raspberry pie and ABC horse bulimia”

  1. Which game is it?

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