Fan art and fairytale horses

TopazDawn make wonderful fan art pictures of our ABC horses in photoshop. This picture is from my place and my 2 American standardbreds with heads together. Actually they had their heads IN each other but she fixed that in psp! Talented lady. So if u want a great pic or a profile pic of yourself, maybee a morph or likewise, this is the place:  or im TopazDawn.

Here is the original horses:

I have decided to pursue breeding American Standardbred because they are so beautyful. For me they look like fairytale horses. Suitable for fairies and elfs? I have a lot of work still to get the skills up… I hope sulky races will start soon (of course there are unofficial races already = great fun!).

So I decided i had to quit 1 of my breeds and that is Hackney. Not an easy decision cos i love them. So I lend my wonderful stallion Enchanted Viking, a palomino hackney with long curly mane and curly tail, to my friend Gittrika Mint for a while. She breeds hackneys and has bought my black mare Enchanted Ice too. Good luck with your Hackneys Gitt!


5 Comments to “Fan art and fairytale horses”

  1. Oh how beautiful! It looks like a stained glass window… she’s very talented! Mera your horses are just beautiful and I love reading about your adventures with them! Good luck with the sulky races and with your new fairytale American Standards! Hope I can come visit sometime :-)

  2. Thanks for lending me the awesome Viking!:) I am very curious to see his offspring.
    Hugs from Gittrika :)

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