Summer vacation

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere” ~ Carl Sagan

That is so true. But now it is summer and it´s time for me, my horses and the blog to take a summer vacation both in Virtual Reality and In Real Life. I will still blog now and then, but less often.

[EDIT: I´v also shut down my OsGrid server over the summer cos i cant bring it with me to our summer cottage this year. Back in autumn again I hope.]

Take care and have a wonderful summer. Lubs u! <3

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6 Comments to “Summer vacation”

  1. Hope you enjoy your vacation Mera!

  2. Trevlig sommar.. semester, Mera !
    HB :)


  3. Ha det gôtt ute i stugan! Kram

  4. I’m sorry to see the slowdown for Summer, but I think it makes a lot of sense. I hope you have an amazing and wonderful Summer. Don’t stay away for too long. xxxx

  5. Blanche, Erestor & Yordie thanks a lot! Noes! Im not staying away, I cant! I will still be inworld for a short while everyday. I need to take care of my horses and meet friends of course! But the blog will rest in peace for a while. (this starts in about 2 weeks. Im still in the city so atm im working to finish some projects in worlds before vacation).
    xxxxxxxxxxxx :)

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