Snail invasion!

Last night when I logged in to my parcel in Second Life I got a surprise. When i turned around I saw gigantic snails heading towards me D: It was the Relay For Life snailrace of course. This is the most fun part of living on mainland, you never know who will drop by for tea :)

I recognized them cos I have participated myself in a race and I intend to do it again. (The snails hasn´t rezzed completely on the pic cos I just rezzed myself). Its great fun, a way to explore the grid and you make a difference at the same time. Join the fun and u get a free snail too :)) Link:


5 Comments to “Snail invasion!”

  1. I saw the snails several times before on Sansara continent.
    They are very colorful and humorous behavior :)
    It is thought that the race is related to U.S.association of cancer

  2. what a great looking snail! thank you for putting a smile on my face on the world’s slowest afternoon at work! =)

  3. are you saying i smell like herring? hmm, must be time for a little spring cleaning! =p

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