Don´t miss the fair

It´s open until 28 of may so hurry! It´s the breedable fair and it is actually great fun to see all kinds of breedables in virtual world. I myself of course prefer the ABC horse but if you are more into…. hmmm…

…Fennux, go for it. But dont ask me what a Fennux is (see pic above) :))

or even a breedable dog like a….

a pug! How cute! SLurl pug:

If you want to make a donation for Relay for Life and buy a horse at the same time you can buy the RFL horse. It is so awesome! Iv started to train my horse and waits impatiently for his first offspring:

SLurl breedable fair and ABC horse:

RFL Breedables Fair
The ABC RFL Horse Vendor is now available at the Breedables Fair 2012 at the Home & Garden Expo.

All proceeds will go to Relay for Life. Please join us in supporting this amazing charity.

The RFL Breedables Fair is open now until May 28th at 10pm SLT.

have fun! xxxx


4 Comments to “Don´t miss the fair”

  1. Hmm. That fennux looks like a delicious entree to a meeroo dinner, don’t you think?

  2. Wow Mera… you look amazing bareback on Enchanted! Cool faire, I’ll hop over there and see wuddup. hugs

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