A happy family?

Cut from Twitter (the worst gossip ghetto ever if u ask me! :)) some days ago;

@Leanna_IW -@misosusanowa is pregnant. @MeraKranfel did it \o/

@onlyalexhayden -*Spits coffee across room before sussing conversation is about Horses…

@Leanna_IW -LMAO! they did it while I was gone :O

@jimtarber -What, are you jealous you weren’t part of the impregnation?

@Leanna_IW -I wanted to watch :D

@AnnaLoom -Horses? That makes it even worse .. omg

@MeraKranfel -my pleasure :]

@misosusanowa -I categorically deny any horsing around in my name!

@onlyalexhayden -Whatever you do Anna, don’t let Mera pull you to the dark side of SL
Horses…if you do, you’ll be breeding them before too long….. :D

@AnnaLoom -so now I know what the reason was when I always rode my bike to Pony club :)

(The horses, bunneh and human in the pic are totally innocent)


2 Comments to “A happy family?”

  1. Hey!, did you take a picture of “Chep Chep” (Your bunny). Nice one !

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