A spring makeover in Second Life

I decided it was time to change makeup and hairstyle as I had have the same since 2009… So I bleached and styled my hair at EMO-tions and got a new makeup from MyDear, a skin creator Boudica recommended recently. And the skin was a groupgift so this whole new makeover only cost me 245 L$! Cheap me :]

My boots are from Bitter Bunneys (had them before) and outfit from Bare Rose (old outfit). Shape is my own and the tattoo is a freebie. Eyes from Redgrave. Cheers and happy springtime!

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8 Comments to “A spring makeover in Second Life”

  1. Virtual bleach rocks, doesn’t it? :D
    even 12% peroxide doesn’t burn your scalp off \o/

  2. I like the new look – and the mix and match makeup is a perfect complement to colourful personality, go with it! I change my hairstyle and makeup daily, but I’ve keep a consistent look for almost 3 years now – which is pretty much how I look today. I dressed up as a Reina de los Muertos (Queen of the Dead) last Halloween, with jet black hair with my fair skin makes me look like a blood-sucking vampire. In a moment of bold experimentation, I actually tried wearing long blonde hair. I felt so uncomfortable in it that I went back to ginger within 5 minutes. Recently I’ve been experimenting with darker shades of red (cranberries, burgundies, etc), but it makes me look anemic, so there goes that idea… I’m sure you wanted to know all of this really :) Enough detail for you?? Hahaha… I’m thinking out loud now.

    On a positive note, I’m getting really excited by the new summer looks coming out in mesh (hahaha, I know, you don’t do mesh :), so I think I’ll be limiting my spring makeovers to bikinis and sun burns.

  3. Leanna: Dont ever try that again! U are lovely as u are <3 LOL!

    Becky: No i do wanna know! It´s interesting how we choose to look and why :) I have the same feeling as u about some looks. It has to feel "me" otherwise i feel totally creepy. And i do love mesh!! I just dont need it to stay in SL, other features are more important for me. But mesh is great!! My horses are created in mesh so how could i not love it? :O)

    Hugsss both!

  4. Oh Mera you are looking beautiful as you always do! I love that Bare Rose outfit and the hair is lovely on you. I change my looks constantly since I blog about so many things and want to share with people. Oh and I have a bad habit of playing with my shape sliders and not making a copy of the previous me, so sometimes a good look is totally lost and I can’t remember how to get back. My bad :) Ah well… I’m a bit of a chameleon always wanting to try new things, but usually ending up most happy as a redhead like I am in real life. =)

  5. Wow Mera! You look amazing! This is a great look, a very fresh and exciting look. I’m happy for you. Hugs

  6. Boudica; you´r fashion blog is a must! I follow it closely, the only fashionblog i read :) But i READ it! =)) u are fab xxxxxxx and u are prettier irl ;)

  7. Yordie; Thanks!!! I feel fresh, gosh i was a bit out dated wasnt I? LOL u all are so polite :O)

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