Bay City Parade in Second Life

Thanks to lovely Yordie Sands (to the right in the pic above) and awesome Daniel Voyager I got the opportunity to attend the Bay City parade. It was totally fab!

Flying noobs…

Drama lhamas passed by… and

…even RacerX with his awesomesauze gigantic snails (sponsors of Relay for Life) attended and a lot more of course. It was crowded but Yordie had found a perfect place for us where we could stand and wave with our flags in peace =)) The lag was present as usual so i had some major rezz issues when taking pics but i got some anyhoo. It was a totally wonderful parade and lovely to meet u all! Thanks a lot Yordie for the heads up!! Hugss!!!


5 Comments to “Bay City Parade in Second Life”

  1. Oh Mera! I loved that Llama too. I didn’t get a good shot. It’s great. And the giant NOOB! hahahaha. Love this post and thanks for taking a pic of me. HUgs.

    • U are more than fab u know that i hope. I so wish i hadnt missed that boat event but this parade was great! Hugsss!

      • i’m sure there will be many opportunities for more adventures. i awakened the scuba diver in Tippy, Beck, Gwenny and Antares this weekend. It was fun and i want to do more. I’ll see if I can’t setup some opportunities for this coming weekend.

  2. Looked like a gorgeous day for a parade! What fun :) Wonderful pics Mera!

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