I got him, I love him!

I got AlexHayden! He is mine and he lives with me now! Forever I hope! Lubs him and I think he lubs me <3

Yes I got him when I donated at the RFL event (Relay For Life) yesterday. Its a lot of money yes, but it is for a good cause. My grandmother died in cancer and I still remember how traumatic it was to visit her in the hospital even if I was a small child at that time. Yes she died far too early :´(

So I wanted to donate and get this beautyful ABC horse as a memory even if i dont breed this kind of heavy breed normally (i mostly focus on Thoroughbreds). I will keep him even when he i retired, as a pet of course (as i would with any lover :O) It is a brilliant idea that u get a nice gift like this when u donate. Normally u just donate this amount irl and u dont expect to get anything of course, so this is a great bonus. Thanks a lot Darcul Bellic, creator of ABC horses <3

His name? As u may have guessed already, it´s “Enchanted by AlexHayden” of course =) Alex is a dear friend who got me very very worried some time ago when he was very ill but he is good now. Me and some friends stalked him with healing sessions through multiple grids so he had no chanse to be otherwise <3

So this beautyful horse is standing on my pixel lawn now with his purple ribbons eating hay, as a monument of hope for me.

Take care


10 Comments to “I got him, I love him!”

  1. That’s a very touching story about dedication to your grandmother. That makes Enchanted very special.

  2. Not so sure about this trend of naming horses after people, esp if you are going to breed them -_-


  3. What a touching story and a beautiful horse! The kind to carry a knight in shining armor across the battlefield of life. Strong, Courageous… just like Alex, just like your grandmother… just like anyone fighting cancer. Sorry I missed that parade… sounded like fun!

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