I wear them irl too

At many peoples request, here is these awesomesauze Swedish and FREE clogs created by Trinity I was wearing in mondays blogposting; SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saena/207/179/42

(BTW the hair is a freebie from AMACCI, another great Swedish creator and the riding pants is to be found in the shop beside the food shop on ABCs sim for only 10L$ included boots and jacket).

Besides these free clogs at Trinity´s there is lots of other colours and models of these clogs for only around 220 L$. They look stunning, not only in the stable but also in a more posh lounge :)

Do you want to wear clogs irl too, you can find some nice ones here: Tessa Clogs (for both men and women). And yes, I use clogs irl too :D


7 Comments to “I wear them irl too”

  1. And thank you for my pair. i was bombarded senseless last night, but i’ll get that box open tonight! hugs

  2. nice clogs and nice rl feet! =)

  3. Hi Mera… I wore them last night with my bikini. I love them. hugs sweetie.

  4. I’m about *this* close to ordering a set for RL… love these!

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