Gambling on ABC horses? # Second Life

I met gr0g, who has amazing ABC horses, on Jody´s market the other day. We talked for a while and he had some great ideas about how to change the way the horses skills increase when we train our horses:

gr0g: -Instead of 5 point per hr..they can use a more realistic and fairer method. Imaging training a 100,90,80,70 horses
at the moment it’s like 5 point per hr, plus 3 hrs cooling down period.
how about 20% per hr and 3 hrs cooling down.

And about gambling. A lot of people are interested in gambling on those horses. How about the rules in SL regarding gambling? 

gr0g: -Also racing will depend on gambling as in real life, but SL do not allow for betting/gambling.
What ABC could do is to be in partnership with a gambling company or a pokersite that is well establish. That way u can race your horses and gamble as well, and ABC will get the royalty from gambling.

These ideas are worth some xtra thoughts. The problem with high skilled horses today is that it takes time to train them fully. So ppl might go for the lower stat horses instead? Here are the official qualifying levels for ABC horses:

FROM: The ABC Racing Authority

Date:  4/29/12

The following is a release of how the Qualifying Levels are going to be broken down for racing ABC horses. This notice also contains brief information on how these levels will be determined.

A horse may enter a race at its Qualifying Level (QL) or at one level below its QL.

Qualifying Levels (QLs)      Genetic Index(GI) and Training Index (TI)**
QL 1                                        1 – 25
QL 2                                        26 – 40
QL 3                                        41 – 55
QL 4                                        56 – 70
QL 5                                        71 – 85
QL 6                                        86 – 100

As an example:  A horse has the following stats:   Speed 55/70
                                                                                            Stamina 40/50
                                                                                            Sprint 89/91

By clicking on the Horses Stat button in the horse’s menu, you will find two numbers. (These numbers will show, after the next horse update)

The Genetic Index (GI) number equals 66
The Trained Index (TI) number equals 53

Therefore, this horse would only be able to participate in a QL3 race until it has additional training that changes its Trained Index (TI) to 56 or above.  Then it would be able to enter a QL4 race, which is the maximum QL for this particular horse.

NOTE:  Because this horse’s Genetic Index (GI) number is 66 (QL4 eligible), the earliest it may race is when it becomes QL3 eligible, or one level before the maximum eligibility of QL4.  This is accomplished when the horse attains a Training Index (TI) of 41-55 through additional training.

ALSO NOTE:  This horse may NEVER enter a QL2 (or lower) race or a QL5 (or higher) race due to its Genetic Index (GI) number of 66.

**Each type of race uses a different formula to determine the Genetic Index (GI) and Trained Index (TI) numbers.   When tested, each formula will be provided to help you understand how the GI and TI numbers displayed under Stat button can be foretold or verified.

The official races are about to start soon, this will be exciting! Start training!

And dont forget The Monday Club today at 12,30 PM SLT! Western theme, bring your horse if you wish. Mr Smythe has been sleeping in a sleeping bag outside the club all night :)


5 Comments to “Gambling on ABC horses? # Second Life”

  1. All I can say is, you go girl! I’ll definitely have to come to a rase soon. I’ve never seen anything but sailboat races, so I need to see what’s going on. But there’s this… erm, horseback racing in clogs? Remind me to take you shopping for some horseback racing boots or whatever those things are called. hehe! You look cute regardless.

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