Mr Smythe and The Monday Club

Pic: Gittrika Mint, owner of The Monday Club and her awesomesauze horse Enchanted Mystery. This weeks #FF blog is, link – “SL Gittrikas Life” (in Swedish). The blog contains of a lot of interesting stuff (use Google translator!). But most of all this is Gittrikas channel for announcing her awesome parties at The Monday Club (Måndagsbörsen in Swedish) and Green Room. Mr Smythe asked Gittrika about her club:

Mr Smythe: How long has The Monday club been around?

Gittrika: There will be a 3 year rezz party for the club the 11 of june! (With a lot of surprises, more information later).

Mr Smythe: Do you often have themed parties and do you announce the theme in your blog?

Gittrika: yes themed parties every monday and wednesday, i have them in my blog. Im thinking about saturdays too….

Mr Smythe: When are u going to have a horse theme then? :}

I will have a horse theme this monday :) Or country and western theme sort of.

So we went to The Monday Club yesterday and had a look at it:

Mr Smythe: -Beer dancing? Whiskey girls?

Mr Smythe: How about DJs? Do you DJ yourself?

Gittrika: Weatherwax, he is kind of a DJ of the house:)

Mr Smythe: Do u have a group?

Yes! Join here; 27203e02-b172-4e8b-faa8-7f95f4e783ca (copy and paste in chat)

Mr Smythe: –Is this a “whiskey girl”? She looks a tad sloshed i must admit…I need to keep sober so I dont fall for that one…It so would make my mistress CR me twice if she could “O_O”

Clon’s shoutcast club board 2.33: Tone Loc – Wild thing

Dont miss The Monday Club on mondays at 12:30 SLT or Green Room every wednesdays at 12:30 SLT!

SLURL; The Monday Club


5 Comments to “Mr Smythe and The Monday Club”

  1. Aww MrSmythe, that sign is confusing, isnt it? :) I just discovered that and had a big lol when I saw it. :) Welcome to MB on monday!

    Hugs, carrots and sugar/ Gittrika

  2. Getting used to the whole talking horse thing. Or are these Mr Smythe’s inner thoughts?

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