One more gentleman in Second Life

Yes, I got a wonderful gift from a nice gentleman again. A beautyful  Palomino Hackney boy <3 This has become a habit of mine :O) I met his owner gr0g today and we talked a lot about gaming and racing horses in Second Life. He has some great ideas how to solve the issues here but I will come back to you later with this interview. Thanks a million for this wonderful horse gr0g xxxx

gr0g has amazing horses. A lot of Thoroughbreds with 100 in speed and new traits as MADRE eyes, apron….. He even had a Palomino Thoroughbred! Iv never seen anyone before:

He also has 2 dapple grey Drum horses! A male and a female. Gosh they are rare!

-grog: well i have 2 dapple gray drums for sale this week
– gr0g: they are very rare breed
– Mera: they are?
– gr0g: i think there’s less than 10 exist on the grid
– gr0g: i ve mine on the auction board for 100K

The auction at Brunes will be exciting as he has one of them up for sale in the barn and 1 at the auction this saturday 8pm to 10pm 12 may. SLurl: Dont miss it! The gentlemen of SL is to be found amongst those ABC horses obviously *just saying* :)


2 Comments to “One more gentleman in Second Life”

  1. You seem to be onto something here, Mera. This whole breeding thing has opened many some surprising doors. who’da thunk it.

    • I wouldnt, Im stunned. Iv never encountered this many awesome gentlemen in one place. Breeding seems to bring out the best in men (and women :)) And I have so many horses now…. :}

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