The Knight and the White Horse

After this proposal mess yesterday I went to a ABC horse auction to calm down. There was only 1 horse I wanted, a white Thoroughbred. But at the same time I have enough of male TBs so I was not sure. He was last. So I did make a bid, starting low. We call that “skambud” in Swedish and that means a bid that are a bit shameful. *blushes* This happened:
–  V (MrX): Vesper wants it
–  Mera (Vesper): i do yes
–  V (MrX): Hang on then
–  Heksje: omg lol
–  V (MrX): 750
–  Mera (Vesper): lol
–  Mera (Vesper): im out! Gah!
–  Mera (Vesper): i have too many males already., but *sniff*
–  Montana: **** Going First Time ****
–  Mera (Vesper): Congrats!
–  Montana: ****  Going Second Time ****
–  Montana: ****   Going Third and Final Time ****
–  Montana: ****  Congrats Buyer and Seller, this stall has been  SOLD!!!  ****
–  Heksje: lol
–  V (MrX): Alright
–  Eri: Thank you sweetie
–  Heksje: now u r broke huh MrX? lol

I lost the horse and felt a bit sad about it. But it wasnt quite over yet. I went home and suddenly this happened:

–  Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/MrX has given you this object: ~Pearly Gaits~
–  Mera (Vesper): what??
– V (MrX): User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

He gave me the white horse!

There are still gentlemen around, thanks a zillion for this beautyful pixelated animal <3 The horse is truly awesome, the only problem was that we were too few at that auction. He will hopefully give me loads of beautyful and fast foals now <3 hrmm, the horse I mean…


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