Mr Smythes Grand Adventures in Second Life

I am Mr Smythe, I am a ABC horse and this is my mistress, hmm… or slave(?) Mera. Anyhoo we sort of stumbled over each other at Skylar Smythes barn and after a while she hooked me up with one of her mares and … u know things happens. So I have moved from Skylar to Mera now. We are supposed to explore the grid together. That is, when I dont have a hot date.

I am an American Standardbred, even though my mistress calls me a mongrel. My parents are both Starter horses so they treat me with a mix of genes to choose from when i breed. And breed i will! ;)  I know my mistress is secretly hoping I will come up with some awesome foals in between our exploring. She tries to hide it but you can see how proud she is of me in this pic…

So join us and experience the grid from a horse view (not with a horse viewer =)) Use the tag “MrSmythe” to find the postings from now on. Not many yet though, we just started this with a race around Heterocera 1st of may 2012. So we´ll see how it goes. But be careful, I may turn up at a event in your neighbourhood, if you are lucky… or unlucky? ;)

To be continued….


4 Comments to “Mr Smythes Grand Adventures in Second Life”

  1. I love where this is heading, Mera!

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