Metaversemina is this weeks #FF blog. She is a great writer and focus mostly on OsGrid. Enjoy! And party – TGIF!!


It’s true that I haven’t been in OSGrid that long, but I can already tell you that these people know how to party! Every single Friday afternoon,  JayMaze Yao and Dorothea Lundquist host a kick-ass dance party on their sim Close Encounter. If you recognize the names, that’s because JayMaze and Dorothea are the talented designers behind the D&J Shop, which has incredibly beautiful furniture! They have several regions in OSGrid that showcase their artistic and architectural talents!  But that’s for another blog, let’s get back to what’s important here. It’s Friday and it’s time to PARTAAAAY!!

We have the best-est DJ in the whole world, that would be JayMaze! He plays music from every genre you can imagine. I’ve heard evertything from The Mama’s and The Papa’s to The Sex Pistols and The Hives all in the course of 2 hours and loved every minute of it!

The D&J folks…

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  1. lol, /me has not had enough morning coffee to attend a dance party, but it sounds a zillion times better than being at work atm!

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