The beauty of a Second Life crash #2

This time in a Helicopter from Apolon which a friend of mine had bought. He kindly rezzed one for me so I could make a fool of myself :O) Its hard to see that I have crashed in this picture but I assure u I have =)) Again me and my friend tried to have a race across Heterocera and down to Sansara but I was crashing as usual while my friend only crashed 1 time and just before he entered Sansara. I havent a clue why i crash more than twice as often as he does? Helicopters is even harder than cars or horses to use cos they are so fast. Its easy to end up in a sim corner and when u do – bye bye. Until next crash – take care! :))


4 Responses to “The beauty of a Second Life crash #2”

  1. Ok, Mera… last night Antares and I had a lot of trouble with sim crossings including bad “rubberbanding” and getting yanked out of our vehicles and just plain old ordinary crashes. I think there might be a problem in SL itself.


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