Race around the Heterocera atoll in Second Life

Me and a friend decided to take our horses and race each other around the Heterocera atoll! GOSH! Here is the map:

We started near the Hobo place, the info HUB at the yellow arrow. Then went up the road. The red arrow points at the very long bridge that crosses the ocean back to Hobo place again.

It was an adventure! Lots of simcrossings. My friend didnt crash but I crashed twice and lost my sulky. We had high speed and it was really exciting :)) When u use sulky you wear your horse from inventory so u dont loose the horse. These horses are also possible to ride as worn, it´s always safer. The sulky has to be rezzed but thats no big problem as the road has a lot of rezzing places along the way. So u just has to save some of them if you have to restart. Otherwise just continue the exploring on horseback :)

The bridge back to Hobo is so long it crosses 5 sims!! In the sim Rustic there is a nice place, the the Poster Art Gallery & Curiosity Shop.

I like to explore this way cos I find places I wouldnt otherwise. This time I didnt explore that much because the speed was too high as it was a competition. Though I took some pictures and im sure it was because of that i lost the race in the end ;))

My friend has bought a “soon to be” retired ABC horse which he can save in his invent after it is 140 days old. Then it doesnt have to eat hay anymore so it´s a good thing! This way he got a awesome horse for only about 300 LD instead of AKK horse for 3000 LD. Good idea! :O) But be aware of that it´s only the Hackney, American Standardbred and the heavy breeds that can pull a cart or sulky. The other breeds is only for riding. Do ask me if you need a horse, I will help you :)

Ds My horse is a gift from ms Skylar Smythe named Enchanted Mr Smythe <3


14 Comments to “Race around the Heterocera atoll in Second Life”

  1. You passed the front of my station then :)

  2. What a fantastic adventure! I’m sorry to hear you had a couple crashes. What viewer are you using, Mera? Oh, and did you have any of the old slingshot effect at highspeed?

    • I use the standard V3 viewer but I think its something in my computer. I will reinstall the OS and check the graphic card now. Slingshot?? Well… we had horses not rockets :O)

      • I’ve seen several friends on V3 crash while other friends with different viewers (Phoenix, Singularity, others) do fine. I’ve tested Firestorm and it crashes consistently for me after 5 sim crossings at high speed and 8 sim crossings at regular speed..

  3. Haha,no problem :D
    You had to devote yourself to the race.
    And you had a very good experience of being exciting.

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