I found her in my garden – updated new pic!

Bellona: – Hi im back! Long time no see, but you are here as usual. Me: – Hrmm…. yes, as u know, I have no life. There´s only pixels in me brain :]

YES she is back! Bellona my dear old friend from all worlds! She rented from me inWorlds in my old sim Midsomer and she even visited me in New World Grid long time ago. A true friend :`) She visited me yesterday after months of absence when I was a bit worried (im the worrying kind). Her bunneh Putte was excited to see her. And me too :) And gosh how skilled she is making shapes! Beautyful! She did a makeover today, sunday, as you can see above (I removed the old pic).

Thanks Blanche for, *link*: blogging about me missing Bellona! Im sure that sent some beams through the metaverse and forced her to log in again :)

hugsss! *happy dancing*


6 Comments to “I found her in my garden – updated new pic!”

  1. God… I felt like a total idiot when you told med about Blanche’s interview.
    I will never leave for good, that I can say but it sure can be gone months in between. So, remember – You really don’t need to worry next time, I’m just out in RL doing my thing.

    ;-) Hugs sweetie

  2. Great that you find Bellona, Mera :))
    Mera Bellona.. hihi

  3. As a neutral (???) passer-by my observation is that we all have to split our time with all the worlds we choose to interact with..

    Good to see that old friends return to anyone who have missed them :)

    Kramm! <3 :)

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