Causes of Drama and more

Just for laughs, an old favourite of mine; Second Life in Graphs

Pic from SL revolution


8 Comments to “Causes of Drama and more”

  1. You have a great sense of humor, Mera! hehehe

  2. Of course the reality is more important than the virtual world.
    Improvement of stable reality is necessary for continuation of SL.

  3. Well, I have heard that most of people leave because:

    – Very busy life (husband, children or job).
    – it is a full of drama
    – I fought whit my sl partner
    – I joined another virtual world

    These are the most common things I have heard in 1 1/2 that I have been in there but the most common are I am busy or I broke with my sl partner. I always how some people gets SL so serious and it is only a game not real life.

    • Xpontaneous; I think you are right. Those reasons are common amongst my friends who have left SL too. But some of my friends has actually left SL because they feel they get stuck in it. That it takes all their energy and they have problems to log off. So they leave to take care of their RL. They cant find a balance between SL and RL. That is a big problem for some people sorry to say. For them it threatens to become their 1st life and they dont see it as a game.

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