Art, sex and rock´n roll in Second Life

Yesh that is Apmels blog. This #FF (follow friday) blog. Apmel and his blog has been active for more than 5 years in Second Life now. (“sex” in the pic above actually means the figure six in Swedish :)

He writes mostly in Swedish but has readers from all countries. But as u know it´s easy to use Google translator nowadays :)

The blog is filled with art, music and philosophical and political ponderings but mostly just a lot of fun! He always has a lot of interesting suggestion of how to spend the day in Second Life. So if you are out of ideas, read this blog! :)

I just wish he (and the rest of you) could move to wordpress! I just LOOOVE the LIKE button :O)

Link: Min avatar heter Apmel (My avatar is Apmel)


2 Comments to “Art, sex and rock´n roll in Second Life”

  1. Awww.. *hugs* Mera! :) I tried your LIKE button, but it seems you have to be logged in to a wordpress account to use it?

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