“and you thought I was fake?” Second Life and privacy

This endless discussion about “fake” avatars and being “someone else” in virtual worlds. I commented in Eners blog and I really dont understand ppl that obsess about this.

For me it´s simple. This is my free time and I want to be able to be silly and play around with virtual horses, sailingboats and whatever. It´s my playground. Even if I dont do anyting spectacular I don´t want my employer or anyone else random aquaintance to snope around in my private life and judge me. Because they would if they could. As internet is transparent they would find me instantly and that wouldn´t be ok for me. They wouldn´t understand that I have a skeleton friend who loves to pet my bunnehs in my virtual garden for example (see pic :O)

So I really dont understand this discussion about online privacy being “fake”. Before internet either my employer (or anyone else random stranger) could easily spy on me when i was laying in my sofa reading a book or whatever. So why should they be able to do that now?

And yes Im human, despite the fact that I want a private life. :O)

I reblogged this cos it´s an important issue for me. READ ON:

NPC mania or “and you thought i was fake?” at i live in science land.

More about gender and privacy

Thanks again Ener for interesting blog posts, as usual xxxxx


16 Comments to ““and you thought I was fake?” Second Life and privacy”

  1. don’t believe Mera! she is a meatball stealer! or at least she has stolen the heart of one certain meatball! =)

  2. What is remarkable is that those most eager to reveal all the others’ identities are the most secretive with their own identities.

  3. i am uber top secret – shhhh =D

  4. no ya kookie Swede, you stole my heart! good grief! =p

  5. Hi Mera… I know what you mean. It seems like for some people this is a fight to the death. speaking as someone who has been stalked — successfully — I am not letting go of my real life because someone thinks I’m being fake. The “Fake” life for me, too!

    • Exactly. The discussion about anonymity is so sick. Like some ppl says “if you dont have someting to hide why be anonymous?” Are we “fake” too if we sit at home “secretly” watching TV without updating everybody every minute of what we are doing? Do u have something to hide if you dont share this with the world? GOSH it´s the f-ing same thing for gods sake! I am entitled to some privacy, both in my real life and my virtual life. Because, those lifes are actually the same life – MY life and I decide what i want to share. :)

      • Totally agree, Mera. People who don’t think they have something to hide are setting themselves up for every con out trolling the web. One of the people who stalked me got to me by using a few well selected keywords in Google. I used to write for a division of a large media conglomerate… it was easy for them. “Why do I care if someone wants to contact me?” Geeezus, let me count the WAYS!

  6. It’s another one of those things where “… but it’s ON THE INTERNET!” seems to make everything different. Rules, customs & social habits that have been formed and lived for hundreds of years are suddenly different because “it’s on the internet”

    It’s ridiculous. The only reason I would need to know someone’s biological gender on the internet would be if I wanted to have cybersex with them… and even then, if they were a good writer, it probably wouldn’t matter.

    It reveals how narrow-minded people are & how deeply ingrained the need to classify people by biological ability to fuck mate affects everything they do – it’s a very interesting study in deep human psychology.

    • Exactly. Ridiculous is the word. People dont seem to be able to think clear and logical when it comes to virtual worlds vs “real” world. Treat them the same and there will be no more problems.

      I agree, anyone with sufficient dirrrty imagination is eligible for that kind of activities. No matter gender irl :}

  7. The mindset “if you dont have someting to hide why be anonymous?” is exactly the reason why I keep access to some easy to use and neat tools just in case…Seen so many comments along the lines of “people who don’t leave themselves wide open so I can’t see everything are paranoid” that I class those with those views as suffering from some sort of mental sickness. And yeah have some experience of that.
    Theres a telling debate in the UK right now (good coverage on the Beeb) about some new snoop powers – there again what would you expect from the brain dead Thatcherite offspring..and that dates me I know =^^=
    Anyway Mera knows at least 4 versions of Virtual Me

    • I agree with u Sirhc. Ppl with that views belongs to the funny farm. They r naive beyond reasons. I havent heard about those snoop powers, its sounds horrid! 4? hmm :)

  8. Love your bunnehs! Saw a (real life) jack rabbit hopping across our drive this a.m.

    Privacy issues? Might be necessary to disappear down one’s rabbit hole, but the urge to wander would overcome.

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