Breedables in Second Life

This fridays #FF(follow friday) blog is all about Breedables in Second Life. Breedables are huge and has been for almost 2 years now I think. It started with the Zion Chickens didn´t it? I myself breed and train ABC horses and I LOVE them, it´s great fun <3

More about breedables: Breedables inc

Link to ABC blog

ABC Homepage

Pic from Breedables inc and ABC blog


7 Responses to “Breedables in Second Life”

  1. Scion Chickens, not ZIon chickens. :)

    Zion is a biblical term – the promised land. Sometimes also taken to mean heaven.
    Scion refers to kinship, a descendant.

  2. Good grief, where’d you get that “chicken” / dinasaur thang! Now that would be a great ride for wandering the mainlands! hehe


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