Look at your shoes…

Look at your shoes, or someone else might do it ;) You want your shoes to look as awesome as these Mermixa boots I have in my virtual wardrobe? Well these boots looked like shit first time I tried them on after a years absence from Second Life. I have worked a bit to get them look like this again. They looked like these pumps from AW Design:

This is how shoes with inviciprims look like when a person in Second Life uses Ultra Mode. I see a lot of shoes like this as i´m almost always on Ultra. To get rid of this problem you have to use Alpha layers instead. Or both maybee. You can pick up your alpha layers for free on the market place or in world SLURL Alpha layers.

After some tweaking (easy) my shoes looked like this again:

One more warning. Ultra mode makes light look a lot brighter so think twice before wearing a facelight. If you wear a face light try to use one with just very soft light, otherwise you will look like a spotlight to people on Ultra mode. I have several times had to leave ultra mode when taking pics because all facelights makes people looks like lamps :))


3 Comments to “Look at your shoes…”

  1. holy crap! those are nice boots! i wish i had some like that in real life!

    *throws out those manolo things . . . *

  2. manolo blahnik’s? lol, i wish – more like “man, old blah kicks!” Converse Jack Purcell’s are as fancy as i get! or some Vans – depends if i am feeling goth or emo . . .

    i think my car costs less that manolo blahniks! =D

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