Foal fail!

Today we got a new foal! Major fail!! LOL! So we had to run off and do some comfy shopping :)) Both parents are Thoroughbreds with red garnet eyes and the foal becomes an American Standardbred! *giggles* Its a breed you can ride or use with a sulky or sled. Hmm no one of the parents had long mane in their pedigree, where did this come from? :))

Stats foal:

Age : 0
Breed : American_Standardbred
Coat : Dark Chestnut
Eye : Brown
Mane : Long
Tail : Long
Face Marking : Blaze
Sprint : 0/69
Speed : 0/66
Pull : 0/49
Stamina : 0/42
Status/Pregnancy : Stallion

He has quite good stats though… and he has a blaze and both mane and tail are long. Fail for us yes, but a win for someone else I hope :)

Afterwards we comforted ourselves with some shopping at the ABC store, dont we look awesomesauze? My outfit is only 10 L$ =))

SLURL ABC main store;


2 Comments to “Foal fail!”

  1. I know I’ve become crazed, I was thinking that breeding horses in SL is a lot like buying & selling shares in Empire Avenue. What is it they say, to someone who only has a hammer everything looks like a nail? hehehhee. hugs, yordie

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