Victim of the grid war

Accident or deliberately? Leanna seems totally pissed off cos I log in to inWorldz not that often so she tries to kill me everytime we meet. Yesterday she suggested we take a nice drive with our cars on the beautyful roads of Heterocera in Second Life. And what happens? When we came to a bridge she just smashed right into my car so I took a dive right into the deep blue :(

I called 911 and got some help to tow my car and get some warm soap for myself to not get pneumonia. After that we hit the road again. Hit is the right word cos that´s what she did. Hit me again! So I ended up head down feet up. Then we got a message from a sour inhabitant close to this “incident” who told us he had banned us. There goes the neighbourhood…

After a lot of more struggles I came home again just to find Leanna deep into my nice pillows in the garden, fast asleep and looking totally innocent. I´sure she will claim this was an accident! I need to visit inWorldz more often, if not for anything else but for the sake of survival “O_O”


7 Comments to “Victim of the grid war”

  1. Ha ha ha! That sounds like our Leanna, totally innocent >.>

  2. Zoya; Greetings from the gypsum rock, yes it does, doesnt it? It wasn´t even necessary to mention any names…. :}

  3. I note that Leanna is putting that Hot Rod I gave her to good use. (chuckle)

  4. If I were you, I’d start to check if she’s taken any Grid Insurance Policies out in your name…

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