Second Life in *Daring* Pictures

This fridays #FF blogs are 2 blogs and not so PG im afraid… I will have 2 blogs today cos I missed last fridays #FF blog due to easter celebrations irl.

The first one is the “explicit” SLuicide Girls. I dont dare try so I let them explain who they are themselves: “Behind the gratuitous flashes of flesh, we are fashion lovers, content creators, bloggers, stylists, models, business owners, innovators, girlfriends, wives, best friends, lovers, enemies, nerds, bitches, plurkers, and overall completely fabulous.” If you dare, you find them here: SLuicide Girls

The second one I have mentioned before in “Why would you ride a horse naked?” But this blog is well worth mentioning again as it´s hilarious =))

So if  you are a little too tired to read a lot of text this friday evening, try this: Second Life in Pictures

TGIF!! Have Fun and Hugsss


One Comment to “Second Life in *Daring* Pictures”

  1. Thanks for the review :-)

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