Premium member in Second Life – its worth it

Why is that? Because your membership is almost for free if you look closely at it. You get a free Linden Home or a 512 sqm for free as a member. The land above is 512 sqm. Ok not many prims but there is a lot of low prim stuff in SL so you can fill your parcle anyhoo =)

If you dont want your plot you can donate it. Some landlords give you a free rental if you donate land. Ravenglass rentals for exampel.

As a Premium you also get 300 L$ every week. 260 L$ is 1 US $ so its good money back! You only pay a few dollars a month (depending on VAT) and you get almost all back this way. Good deal!

I myself has had a lot of awesome help from the Live Chat you can access as a Premium member. When i screw up I log in and get help instantly! If you are griefed you get help faster too.

The Premium sandboxes are wonderful to build in. No one disturbs you. You can build for hours in peace.

You also get some Premium destinations and gifts. Ok some ppl complains about the gifts but then some ppl have a need to complain about everything im afraid :O)

So my advice is, sign up as a premium member, its well worth the money. LINK: Premium membership.

6 Comments to “Premium member in Second Life – its worth it”

  1. I totally agree with you Mera.

    I’ve had a premium membership for years and I pay annually, so the cost is about US$6 a month. And like you said, with the stipend coming back each week you get all but a US$1-something a month back.

    I’ve had mixed results from help, but without premium help there are some things you cannot get help with.

    I really like the premium sandboxes. There’s one huge one that also has a test area for pathfinder projects.

    • Ah a test area for pathfinder projects too? Interesting! I have a friend who work on that stuff right now. Ill ask him if he has seen this, thanks!

  2. they used to ave a referral link you could use and get paid even more. when i had it on my site it paid for my membership and i usually made $15-20 USD a month on top of that!

    like you said, your allowance pays it back especially if you do the year long membership

    • oh my, great link :)) I have heard that old members get an allowance of 500 L$ a week, still.

      Yes people dont seem to think of this. When they choose to be in Second Life everyday, they could aswell go premium. I dont understand why not…

  3. well, you never knew SL when i was in it . . .

    in a post Second Life world without Ener (sometimes referred to as the Enerpocalypse or the Energeddon), there really isn’t anything fun to do so why anyone at all is in there is far beyond me! =p

    *full of myself? well of course! who else would i be full of?* =D

    • Yesh that is so true :( There is always midnight settings in SL nowadays, never daylight or sunset, always dark. And everything is grey and seems not fully rezzed while people are struggling with rubberband lag like in a nightmare when you want to run but are not able to move. It truly is Energeddon :O) xxxxxxx

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