I´v been missing my regions in OsGrid :´(

Ba Doom in OsGrid (and Kitely! :)

Did you think I´v lost me completely amongst my horses? ;) My OsGrid server died last weekend, the hard drive couldnt be read anymore :( So I missed my regions in OsGrid and have been working with that problem parallell all the time. I had them as oars on a USB stick but I was not sure if or ever they would get online again. How strange it is that we miss our virtual “homes” like this?

I have a region in Kitely too, Ba Doom (thanks Ilan!), but I wanted my regions in OsGrid  *sniffs*

Yesterday my friend succeded in finding a harddrive I could use in my server and help me connect one of the sims again! Yay! But when i logged in…

…there was just a small empty island where my precious sim was located earlier…

After some struggle I managed to upload my old oar and voilá! There it was, the lot! Orcas, vultures and all =))

But I had forgot to copy the region files from my other sim, Ba Doom, so I have to find a new location for that :/

Still Im so happy now! I was afraid I would never see those sims again…

At home in my own fairytale (sim mostly decorated by a friend)

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4 Comments to “I´v been missing my regions in OsGrid :´(”

  1. well, dang, what turmoil. glad you are back inyour fairytale. hugs

  2. Bit late but welcome home sweetheart *gives her a big hug*

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