Easter Weekend Special – 50% off #ABC Horses food

Pay the price on the hay and get a 50% refund!

This is a great opportunity if you want to try these horses or have some of them already. The food is 50% for a short while, read on:

“Easter Weekend Special – 50% off ALL food and consumables

ABC is having a 50% off sale on all food and consumables on Easter weekend, 7th-8th of April.

Special Details:

Special ends April 8th (11:59 pm SLT)
– All Food and Consumables (does not include Starter Packs)
– You will pay full price for the purchase, then the vendor will refund you 50%.
MUST be wearing the ABC Main Chat Tag to make the purchase to get the refund.
– The 50% vendors will be at the ABC SATELLITE STORES ONLY not at the main store.

If you know someone with horses that are not in the ABC Main Group and have ABC Horse make sure they join the group to take advantage of the special.

Thank you for your continued support!

ABC Management

Find you food here for example:


Join the group first if you are not a member. Its on the wall of the building.


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