The skyboxes attacks!

I was looking at land the other day (for all my horses! :)) as usual. I saw a lot of land for sale in the sim Picus so off i went to have a look.

It looked quite innocent at first glance. But I felt some strange lag.. So I increased my draw distance and….

Oh holy shit! Im under an alien attack!! – I was thinking, before I realised it was skyboxes, not alien ships, in the sky :O)

They even have a skyscraper if you want to come even closer to your neighbours. How cosy! I didnt stop to look at the prices but I guess they are LOW! If you are interested the business is Skymark Condo Rentals, Skymark properties. This makes me realise that the Linden homes actually are a dream come true :O)

SLurl to skybox paradise:

Todays wisdom; Be suspicious when there is a lot of land for sale at the same place. Look at statistic bar if there is and lag or pulse lag. And increase the drawdistance to at least 300 before deciding.


10 Comments to “The skyboxes attacks!”

  1. Second Life lost another 150 regions last week so I guess some speculator is rushing to offer high-rise apartments as the land area shrinks.



  2. Yep, if we lose just 28000 more it will be as useless and pointless as the ‘competition’ =^^=

  3. ouch!

    I must log into SL some time while it still exists *pull a face at Mera*

  4. OMG, I just thought about what sirhc said. Actually, SL don’t need to loose any land really to become as useless and pointless as the competition. At last count Opensim grids had as much land and possibly more by now. Speculators from SL are buying it up to build low rise with with huge gardens! I should think so too at less than 10% what SL charges.

    *hugs Mera*

  5. Sirhc; LMAO! u have a point here..

    Gaga; U have a point 2. My problem is that my OsGrid server DIED this weekend and If I didnt have my SL place I wouldnt have anything and I would miss my horses <3 What to do?

    /me tacklehugs Gaga xxxxx

  6. Awww I know honey and we miss you over here. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Second Life and I still have 2 sims there and a fair few friends but I don’t have any time for Linden Labs. I think they are a rip-off plain and simple. There are a bunch of people in SL struggling to offset Linden Lab’s inflated tier charges to bring a lot of mostly free entertainment to the residents with some beautifully crafted sims. Linden Labs profit by this and don’t have to do the work or use their imagination to give SL the richness of it’s culture but they are very quick to take for free what they want to use. Hell, they don’t even give any breaks or specials to help out. They even took away education and none-profits discounts so is it any wonder some of us have had it with their greed?

    Don’t worry, SL will survive. My ranting against them aint gonna stop them. They are big enough to tread all over us and walk away with as much money as the want.

    I am just happy to role play in both SL and OSG now days. It’s great to have alternatives.

    See you soon honey and if you don’t get that server fixed then come visit me. I have land to spare.

    *rolls around hugging and tickling Mera XXXXX

    • I agree, they are way out of line when it comes to tier. I wish they could give us at least 1024 sqm for free…

      The server is really dead, no mercy. Hard drive can´t be read. Im happy to have both sims backed up on a USB stick… Im trying to find a solution but it can take some time =/

      Thanks sweetie!! See you soon *pinching Gaga* <3

  7. Those stacked skyboxes are so discrepectful to everyone in the vaccinity. I like to explore with my draw distance set at 512m and this type of thing just destorys the beauty that small land owners try to create. There is a simple solution to this type of abuse, establish some covenants like, no sky structures below 500 meters above land level.

    ooops… there i go starting to rant. /me slaps her fingers on the keyboard and says “stop it”

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