Hooked —> #Second Life ABC horses

Yes, yesterdays posting was a 1 april fools joke. Im not moving, I wont buy a whole sim! ;) But its not totally untrue. It all began with the little sweetheart in the pic from 1st april (4 days old in the pic and has now moved to my friends place now) and its FUN FUN FUN!!! Im totally hooked. A friend of mine wanted a good looking horse and asked me to help her find one. So I found the new (beta) ABC horses.  They had some foals on sale so I grabbed one for her for only 150LD (the horse above) and only 14 prims. Ok it has to eat hay for 100 LD/month for about 5 months but after that no more expenses so its still a very very low and good price for a horse. When I first heard about them I thought they would be a lot more expensive to own but this is no problem. An AKK horse cost at least 3000 LD and you cant breed that one….

Or if you buy a older ABC horse (over 140 days) you wont have to pay for food at all and can probably keep it in your inventory when you not use it without problem. Some ppl also gives away horses to friends if you are lucky to have such a friend ;) You can breed and race with a younger horse if you want. (If they are less than 140 days but then you cant keep them in your inventory, they has to eat until they are 140 days :).

I watched the script usage and it was amazing, no strain on the sim so they are great. Even when i let them move around freely there was no problem.

As I got interested by this horse I continued to look around and found out there are a lot of breeds. Suddenly I saw a Thoroughbred. One that looked like my last horse irl which was a former race horse. Before I could think I had bought her :O)

She was 6 days old so the day after I could ride her! You dont wear the horse so if you want to get off in a no rezz area it will be returned to your lost and found folder. As they are still in beta there is still a problem with steep hills but normal hills and roads are most often ok. They are continusly updating the horses so new and exciting features are on their way =)

Some horses are for riding and other can carry a wagon depending on breed. On the homepage – ABC homepage – you can read about different breeds and treats they have. I think these horses are atm the most beautyful and real life looking horses in Second Life.

The first person to introduce me to these horses was Skylar Smythe. I never thought i would buy a breedable but here I am. (No Meeroos though, yet…..  :O) Thanks a lot Skylar! They are so lovely <3

Foal born at Skylars place this saturday <3

To be continued……….


2 Comments to “Hooked —> #Second Life ABC horses”

  1. That’s a mighty fine horse, but lawdy those things breed! hehe

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