Girls! He´s back!

You know who dont you? The one and only, from SL and inWorldz – SERBLATT BURNER! ohhh sexxxeh! *slips in my own drool* He visited me the other day at my place in Second Life! Anyone jelous? :}

Even the squirrel flirted with him!

Later on I got a famous visitor from inWorldz, Leanna. She seem to have some predudices about Second Life that we are always nekkid in here? Ok I have my parcel on a mature sim so im good but still…. I had to censor this pic at least. I wonder if Leanna was expecting Serb to show up again? :]

Okwa and Leena from Antiquity dropped in at the same time and Okwa fainted when he saw the fairy fay…

Next day Xponaneus dropped by my place and we talked for hours! Great fun!

Thanks a lot wonderful friends for being here, lubs u <3

Have a great weekend!


5 Comments to “Girls! He´s back!”

  1. Hmmmm I’ve heard from sources that Serblatt is quite the attraction when he comes to SL and Inworldz. *snorts*

  2. Be still my beating heart…… is that Serblatt?! In the flesh?! /me faints When’s the next party?! Haha!

  3. Meta and Boudi; He might rezz on my parcel again soon…. and there are some bushes and trees around u can hide behind and take him by surprice if u r lucky :P

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