The OpenSim queen on a stick

This weeks #FF blog is I live in Science Land by Ener Hax. This blog is a goldmine when it comes to OpenSim and “sim on a stick”. Its full of invaluable tutorials, tech and good advices. But also a lot of fun. This is a blog you can´t miss. She also covers other grids as walled gardens like inWorldz and Second Life. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! xxxxx


4 Comments to “The OpenSim queen on a stick”

  1. that Ener Hax is a blow hard – lots of blah, blah, blah and droning on and on about how awesome virtual worlds are and a weird fixation on poutine

  2. hey, it used my twitter thing but no avatar pic, lemme say more stuff about that big mouth Ener – as a kid Ener always got Ds in conduct – just yakking all the time in class

    now Ener has discovered the interwebz and is single handedly clogging up the information super highway with dribble about OpenSim this and OpenSim that and about meatballs and herrings! =p

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