Swedens embassy in Second Life

Yes Sweden has a famous(?) embassy in Second Life since may 2007. There has been a lot of discussions about those 2 sims. When I rezzed 2008 one of the sim was a start/rezz place to choose as home when you entered SL first time and there is still signs with basic instructions for new avies around the area. It´s not possible since some years now. I rezzed near the Embassy and then I had my home in Second Sweden but these sims are gone now…

I dont want any drama, I just want to suggest that someone responsible for the sims creates a group for Swedish people which lets people in the group set home on one of these sims or just a parcel at least. And why not have rezz 5 min so they can rezz boxes? I dont understand why not? This way the sims will get more traffic/PR and maybee be a rendevouz for swedish people. Why not use the Embassy as an information channel for the Swedish institute? Its easy now there are “media on a prim” you can just rezz a prim with a homepage or blog on it which updates continously. Dont wast this excellent work cos the building and surroundings are beautyful.

It´s also more likely that a newbie who rezzes in a familiar area, and has a chanse to meet his friends everytime he rezzes, will stay. When you are new it´s nice to have something familiar to cling to. (I think Linden Lab has missed something here, the anonymous info HUBs filled with voicing ppl, and sometimes griefers, often scare some ppl more than make them feel at home).

If this is impossible (i cant se why) maybee someone else in the Swedish community who owns a sim could consider this. I had this opportunity on my sim in inWorldz and it was a great way to get people together. Of course it´s more ppl in SL but still, not that many new Swedes :)) Eventually some of them finds new homes, they will not stay forever, and new ones will take their place hopefully.

I have said this before, many times, to one of the persons responsible for the regions but I got no feedback so I guess Im wasting my time again :O)

SLURL Embassy

History link.

Take care!

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5 Comments to “Swedens embassy in Second Life”

  1. You might be the “someone else”, Mera. I mean, there’s a lot of Swedes and you want to make a starting point. Maybe you can gain enough support?

  2. I was thinking maybe you can get a group of Swedes together and fun a Swede sim or quarter sim or even if it’s just twice the size of what you have now. Just a thought. Is there a Swede group? That’d be a place to start.

      • Thanks Yordie! Good thinking. But I worked hard as a mentor for more than a year inWorldz and had a sim with renters and a community. And atm I have no energy to start all over again and I dont meet that many swedish ppl either….So I dont think I´m the right person to start this project. There are already swedish ppl doing this. But they havent created any “home” place for newbies yet. I was just thinking these sims are more or less empty so… why not use them :)

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