Tear down the walls in Second Life

“If the doors are locked – Im Nin’ alu”

Yesterday I got stuck in banlines again when i tested a helicopter a friend of mine has rezzed on my parcel (to use by group). Bye bye helicopter… until my friend rezz it again.

Banlines – I cant explain how much I hate them, there are not enough words to explain that =)) And strange enough I have never met anyone who likes them. But I see them everywhere so they must have a lot of fans I guess? Someone in the Mainland forum complained about encroaching objects, vehicles, stuck on her land. Until someone explained that if she has banlines, aeroplanes and other wehicles will get stuck. It has nothing to do with griefing. She removed them. So is it just a misunderstanding? No one really needs them, they are just a pain in the ass? :O)

People who wants privacy needs to find it high up in the air instead. Preferably over 1000m. And use an orb instead if you need more security/privacy. As virtual reality is transparent and you can use your camera everywhere this is the only safe choise and it will save us all from the grief with banlines when using wehicles like sailing boats and stuff.

So why not create a wonderful garden, open for everyone to enjoy, down on ground and keep your private castle 1000m up in the sky?

When I had a sim on inWorldz mainland I was fighting hard for the grid to disallow banlines on mainland and ppl agreed with that. It was some time ago and I dont know how it is today but back then we had no banlines on mainland. And guess what, the sky didnt fall down :O)

Maybee I should start a group, Ban banlines (on mainland)? Who wants to join?

Ds When I see this video I get emo cos I had an arabian horse like that irl for many years. He was a gem and I miss him so. Time flies…..   :´/

“Even if the gates of the rich will be closed, the gates of heaven will never be closed”

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4 Comments to “Tear down the walls in Second Life”

  1. Oh Mera, I feel your pain. I despise them as well. As you said, if it is security you want, use an orb. For privacy, head for the skies! Banlines are just plain ugly. Blech! Especially on Mainland, which is meant to be explored and traveled, is it not?

    • Yes it truly is!! and hanging things in the sky under 600m? KILL KILL KILL!!! LL must shape up mainland. Of course some areas could be totally no covents but not everywhere….

  2. Yeah! “People who wants privacy needs to find it high up in the air instead. Preferably over 1000m. And use an orb instead if you need more security/privacy”

    Unfortunately, a lot of Residents just don’t know how to do this. I saw a survey by the Lab once and they asked about ban lines. I think the Lab was looking for a solution, but if they can’t even agree about things like user names… geez.

    • Im sure that is the case. Ppl dont know how to do it. So LL need to come up with a simple solution for privacy where we dont need those banlines. That shouldnt be rocket science should it? :O)

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