The Low Calorie Viewer

There was a challenge the other day “blog about something you usually dont blog about”. So i choosed the subject “viewer” :)) Im no techie so this will be basic =)) Of course I use TPVs myself  and these 2 (METAbolt and Radegast) are favourites. The third “TPV” I use is for OsGrid where i use Imprudence/Kokua viewer but i dunno if that is a TPV as it focuses on OpenSim(?)

I have a bad laptop at home which i use in the sofa or bed when i have to be in world when im sick or otherwise engaged in something irl. Its also good to use in the car. Problem is the default SL and Opensim viewer is too heavy for this laptop, the cpu is 100% which creates lag so I had to find a solution. The solution is a light text based viewer like METAbolt or Radegast.

In METAbolt you can access the most important feature, the only thing is that you dont have graphic and map (? i only found minimap). Radegast map is totally ok.

Radegast has a inbuilt 3D scene so you can easier walk around in world.

Metabolt uses less CPU cos its a true text viewer. Radegast is more flexible with 3D option but still very light. If you activate 3D in Radegast the CPU usage increases a lot. In text position Radegast uses about 20 % CPU and METAbolt only about 5 % (depending on computer) .

Radegast CPU usage

You can TP, walk, fly and access your groups, money and parcel information. You can also use voice and listen to parcel media like music. So for me these are great clients when I need to access virtual worlds but lack a good computer or have a lousy connection. I use them both at different occasions. When I need a really light client I prefer METAbolt but if Im on a lousy comp and still need to walk around in world I use Radegast.

The only problem i got was Radegast crashes on my oldest laptop when I go into 3D scene. Im trying to figure out why and ill come back to you if i find the reason. I also has a problem with inventory in OsGrid when im on Radegast. I cant “wear” stuff via invent here. SL works fine though.

It´s easy to log in to multiple worlds, both OpenSim and closed grids, only open a new window. You can also automatically log in with multiple avies (see for ex METAbolt Wiki under L). These are great viewers for example use parallell with one of the default viewers to keep in touch with friends and save the computer at the same time =) They are also great to use it instead of the default viewer if you want to be in world but you need to keep the usage of bandwidth down.

Radegast has a cool feature, the ALICE chatbot! You can have your avie or alt autochat with ppl who comes near it. Gaga Gracious came up with this idea and they implemented it. She was the one who introduced me to Radegast, thanks!  Read her own blog here about Radegast from 2010 METAbolt has a similar feature but I havent tested them yet.

I love these viewers as I have to keep my usage of bandwidth down and I often read blogs or work in psp at the same time as im in world. But this way im still available for a casual chat with friends when i actually dont need any graphic. They has all funktions I need and seem very stable too. I guess a lot of people use them as chat bots in shops etc.

(I have removed some information from the picturs for privacy reasons. But you can see your exact location, sim name and how much LD you have in the window)

Link: METAbolt viewer download

Link: Radegast viewer download

Adorkable Peapod has a blog challenge: challenges
“…blog something totally opposite of what you normally do”


6 Comments to “The Low Calorie Viewer”

  1. Hi Mera.

    I’m glad you found Radegast useful. It really is a handy light-weight client. Just a correction though. Radegast already had the ALICE bot but it wasn’t possible to write the AIML sheets for the AI responses. I came up with the idea or including MakeAIML, which is a AIML shorthand file processor. I got the two developers together and it got added as a plugin to enable the user to write the files inside Radegast and try them there and then. From what I gather many people have used it to create greeter bots.

    *hugs da blonde babe*

    • Gaga said: “including MakeAIML, which is a AIML shorthand file processor”
      – I couldnt have said it better myself. Eeeep! Im too blonde for this :O)

      Anyhoo the viewers are awesome and so are you <3

  2. Wow, I had no idea these Viewers existed. I knew there were some text only interfaces but never thought about a lite viewer. This is very informative. I’ll bet a lot of SL peeps could use a lite viewer. You hear many complaints about lag which I’ll bet these could help reduce. Do you know if they still pull the same amount of data through your Internet connection? That would be great if you could reduce that too.

    • No they only use a small fraction of the data. Its like having a msn chat window open I guess? METAbolt anyhow. Radegast is using almost as the normal SL viewer when u turn on 3D view. But use only txt in Radegast and its about the same as METAbolt, maybee use a little more data :)
      So for persons who has to watch the amount of data spent but still want to chat, this is it. But I havent measured it. Im too lazy :O)

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