KamaSutra grand opening

The KamaSutra Exotic Dance and Strip Club is THIS kind of club yes (see picture) and its located on an adult sim. I could enter the sim though im not age verifyed. I dont know why? I have been stuck in adult banlines several times while sailing and I dont know the difference. Anywhoo this place seemed easy enought to enter even for me.

Purdie Silkamore

The club is created and owned by the lovely and innovative ladies Canary Beck (Becky) and Purdie Silkamore *applause*.

Canary Beck (Becky)

The grand opening this friday was a huge success. The theme was indian and there were lots of prices to win. It was frying hot and crowded so eventually my computer gave up with this message:

OpenGL message “lost connection”

The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue.

The application must close.

But after some struggle with restarting everything I got some more pictures.

The owners describes their club like this: “Imaginative and sumptuously erotic, the KamaSutra Exotic Dance and Strip Club combines palacial Indian interiors with expertly trained exotic dancers, marrying authentic cultural tastes with modern erotic flavours.”And it´s true!

I even got to dance myself ;)

More pictures from the wonderful building HERE. Thanks a lot ladies for this adventure (a new experience for me *blushes*) and I wish you all the luck with your club in the future <3


13 Responses to “KamaSutra grand opening”

  1. I have been playing SL for almost six years, stopped for a couple and go back once in a while now, what the heck IS mesh. Have seen it mentioned.

  2. Yay Canary! /me waves to Mera. /me waves to all the girls.

  3. Mera, thank you so much for coming and for writing about your visit! I dodo you hope you can make it back from time to time – it’s a pleasure to see you always.

  4. Lovely to meet you Mera! Glad you enjoyed the opening night and look forward to seeing you again! xx


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