I love mesh!! But I cant enter my house :(

I had a posting earlier where I said mesh wasn´t important for me. And even if it´s true in a way, its not the main reason I stay in SL/VR, it´s a wonderful feature!! I bought a car today and oh my, all those mesh cars, dogs and helicopters looks amazing. The car is great to drive and set to group so all members can use it. I bought the car cos I just moved to my country house for the season.  BUT when i linked the house as convex hull to save prims I cant enter it (of course). Has anyone a solution for this I would appreciate it a lot!

Poor Lexus friends are for sale at a discount nowadays when all those mesh dogs has invaded SL. But I will always keep him <3 Oops my outfit is from yesterdays Kamasutra club contest… more pictures tomorrow I hope ;)

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6 Comments to “I love mesh!! But I cant enter my house :(”

  1. Yes.

    If you convex hull a hollow prim, the hollow part acts as if its solid. Similar with a cut prim.

    Leave the opening where the door is in the old method.

    • Pussycat; Yes the white around the door is a hollow prim. I tried that before blogging. I unlinked it and choosed to call it prim instead. But I still couldnt enter. Then i gave up and blogged it. I even unlinked the prims around the door though they are not hollow. hmm? Ill try again, thanks! =))

  2. No idea about solving problem, but I love that Renegade!

  3. I got help from Gittrika too: http://sl-gittrika.blogspot.se/2012/03/svar-till-vesper-ang-convex-hull.html
    thanks! So I decided to make the house phantom entirely and that way save some prims. Otherwise it works as Pussycats says if i dont link the 2 prims next to the door and saves them as prim, not convex hull. Thanks fríends! =)

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