One blog is not enough

Not for Yordie Sands it isn´t. Cos she has TWO! =)) Yordie sands Notebook & Stories and Being Yordie Sands. Yes your guess is correct, these blogs are this fridays #FF blogs =)

They are a bit different from each other. As Yordie explains it: “Notebook and Stories is for commentary, sometimes criticisms, for technical issues, less about being an avatar and more about what Second Life is and should be.” And of course being Yordie Sands is seeing the VR through her eyes.

In “Notebook” she has a blockbuster called “The Secret Sauze of Second Life” and its brilliant! Its a sort of an analyze of what make people come back to this world, why they stay. Dont miss it. Press category Second Life and you will find them all. Thanks for your excellent and inspiring blogs Yordie! hugsss!!


One Comment to “One blog is not enough”

  1. Awwww Mera! Thank you so much. It is funny you should mention this today. I’ve been working on a post explaining the hell of being a Gemini and how the two blogs came about. hahahhaa. Hugs & love, Yorie

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