Watch your settings when you enter the Wilderness #Second Life

A friend of mine said my pictures from the wilderness looked so dark. She asked if it was V3 doing that. No it wasnt. I had a default light on that was not decided by the region so I had the wrong settings! She also said that it seem like V3 has darker settings than imprudence but that is not so. The pictures gets darker than the reality sorry to say. I dont know if it´s when i save them as Jpg maybee? JPG makes pictures look a lot less good actually. Anyhoo I promised to log in with Imprudence and look. This is the result =))) Wilderness is a mesh place. You need a mesh client. End of story.

Pic above, same place as first pic. Now I logged in with V3 again (last version 3.3.0) and daylight settings. The pic got darker than I see it on the screen, its a big difference actually.

I then changed my settings to region default. This is actually how it looks in the wilderness with the right region settings! BIG DIFFERENCE! :)) Still a bit darker than on my screen but thats cos of the picture.


2 Comments to “Watch your settings when you enter the Wilderness #Second Life”

  1. Great point, Mera. What a difference, positive difference. I’ve done the “Default” setting more and more. This whole Wilderness thing has sure stirred up interest.

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