Mainland Census for March 2012 by Tyche Shepherd

“I’ve been occupied for the past week running a full Mainland Census and here are the results of the the March 2012 Quarterly Mainland Census.

The Actual Census was run between 9th to 14th March and involved surveybot visits to every Mainland Region and a full scan of all parcels in each region. This includes the 5 Linden Home Continents and the old Teen grid mainland as well as traditional mainland. There were 13 regions which were closed to public access but these were all hand surveyed from bordering regions. For reference the last Census was conducted in December 2011 and was reported here : Mainland Census for December 2011

Read on: Mainland march 2012


2 Comments to “Mainland Census for March 2012 by Tyche Shepherd”

  1. This is my first time seeing this census and I had trouble getting a perspective. Glad someone is doing this kinda thing tho.

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