Into the Wilderness of Second Life [UPDATED]

[OBS! I got the wrong settings on these pictures! Look here- LINK. Also look at Yordies pictures here. =) End of update. ]On a very superficial level these sims doesnt look that remarkable. Not on pictures either. But I got a different feeling when I walked around the paths of those sims than I usually gets in Second Life. They had more LIFE! If you run around or TP around in a hurry to explore you might miss this. So take a walk and try mouselook, it gives a totally different feeling.  I myself started at a place called Piranha. I got on a touring boat with some other people who seemed to hunt for a virgin to sacrifice “O_O” Well i feelt safe enough so I got on the boat :O)

– Brota: do you think theres a chance we ‘d get to see them sacrifice a vergin today?
– Mera: dont look at me :O)
– Joe : we can hope but being that in this area finding virgins is as hard as finding a virgin over 12 in kentucky
– Mera: D:
– Brota: That’s too bad, im only really interested in sacrifice if it’s virgins

The rest of the conversation is censored….

What kind of LIFE does she talk about you might wonder? There are insects flying around everywhere! LL are playing around and testing their new features. They look and behave totally different than the “normal” insects in virtual worlds someone has placed here and there. These insects and rats was moving around all over the sims, in the djungel, and it makes the world come to life.

There was a fishing game yes, and you get a premium fishing rod and I got a rare fish as you can see (the blue one!). Okwa dropped by and fell into the water full of piranhas but he came up fast enough :O) I think the costume saved him…

But there were other games. You could have a race with some animals and it was a game where you enter a door and have to solve a case to get out. I didnt try it but I sure will! You must find a flute and play it to lure the rats down a pit. It didnt sound that easy… If you have tried it please comment! Im sure I missed a lot cos the area is quite big, so you have to try it out for yourself =)

Yordie commented in the last posting that this would be a paradise for newbies and I agree!  I sort of got an idea, what if they placed those sims here and there around or in the middle of the Linden homes sims? It would be wonderful to have a djungle with adventures and residential houses around. And some shops… Hmm it sounds like a new mainland.. :O) The only problem is that only premium newbies are able to access it.

One feature I liked especially whas the fact that there was only “normal” ppl around. No griefers. No one asked me for s-x or something like that. That is a “side effect” of this being a premium playground and it felt safe. Even in the djungle. But I actually think they need to spice it up a bit with poisonous snakes and infectious diseases and so on. We have to have some griefers around, otherwise it feels strange =))

A premium account is actually very very cheap. For just a few dollars a month you get your own home for free, a bonus of 300 LD a week, safe sandboxes and a lot of other premium gifts and surprices like this. Its worth it! GOD what do you get for  that money irl? 6-7 dollar a month depending on taxes? A pizza?  :O)

And now they have a discount on quarterly membership as sugaring…

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2 Comments to “Into the Wilderness of Second Life [UPDATED]”

  1. What a different kind of SL experience! I got my premium membership a few months ago, and you’re right, it’s cheap as chips when you account for the benefits. This kind of stuff really does intrigue me, and when I’m finished launching the club, I may go visit! Thanks for the tips Mera :)

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