Amazonian adventure in Second Life

So the next premium membership gift was an adventure! No more stuff to fill our already full inventories, no this is a different turn from Linden Lab. It´s a premium destination. I will try it out as soon as I find time. Read on: Amazonian Adventure

Different destinations to the Wilderness

There seem to be some new exciting features added;
“Note to creators: Our teams used many of the new pathfinding tools to create activities and bring life to the Wilderness area. We will start rolling out these new pathfinding tools at the end of March.

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6 Comments to “Amazonian adventure in Second Life”

  1. I never had a Premium account and after having read this text by Tateru I don´t think I will this time either.

    • Oh bollocks! I forgot to read what Tateru had to say about this before going there. I just went and had fun, met some nice people and was relieved there were no griefers around. I thought the place was beautyful! Stupid me, of course it has to be sh-t if Tateru says so :O)

      But I value my premium membership a lot!

      Thanks for the link Apmel! I will read and weep after coffee =)

  2. To be fair, she didn’t say it was sh_t. Just that it wasn’t enough by itself to make anyone go premium.

    Supposed to be some kind of showcase for their new features like pathfinding and mesh, but didn’t see anything in the video that hasn’t been done before. It is what it is and didn’t seem like anyone was being purposely deceived. Looks fun!

    • You are right, she didnt =) I read her blog after coffee. But she might have been in a hurry when investigating the world. She might have missed some stuff… And of course 1 this alone maybee doesnt make ppl decide to go premium or not. Premium membership consists of several features and Wilderness is one of them. But a nice one. Though the promosional video didnt make it justice. :)

  3. I haven’t been there yet, Mera, but I’m with you on trying these things yourself. From the vid and Mr Crap’s pics I can see that this would be a wonderland for a newbie. I think this is one more good idea for making the initial user experience an enjoyable one.

    • I absolutely agree! But only newbies with premium will be able to explore this. Thats the problem. That might change in the future maybee as these features gets more common. I will blog about this soon =)

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