Linden Lab; The Weirder the Better

Rod Humble, CEO Second Life

Second Life was arguably ahead of its time. It arrived at the very start of an online social revolution, but its dynamic 3D world was a step too far for a public that hadn’t even heard of Facebook. But Humble believes that we now live in a “different world,” one where social games have provided a foundation that Linden Lab can build upon.” ~ Matthew Handrahan

Linden Lab has been very successful with one innovative product, but I want to stretch the company out again, to make it a really exciting place where people can’t wait to find out about the next unusual title we’re going to release. For me, generally, our [business] is shared creative spaces; that’s generally what the company does, but also the weirder the better, I think. If we had a motto, that would be it.” ~ Rod Humble

Sorry but I like that; “the weirder the better” but im afraid im going to be hanged for it :O)

Good article from Matthew Handrahan, GamesIndustry international! Read on; The weirder the better



5 Comments to “Linden Lab; The Weirder the Better”

  1. Reblogged this on DJ Splash Kidd's Blog and commented:
    Thanks for your post Eternal and the shared link to the article “The Weirder the Better” too. In my view, Linden Labs still has a lot of work cut out for themselves in regards to making the front end experience of Second Life for new users to be more enjoyable in regards to learning and understanding the numerous opportunities that one can utilize Second Life for in regards to digital creativity, education, and socializing with other people from around the world. The technical problems related to lag and the rendering time it takes to enjoy the graphic interface from sim to sim on the grid as one travels around still needs lots of improvement too. I just hope the Lab doesn’t take Second Life in a direction where it tries to be a three dimensional Facebook.

  2. My 1 year fiscal prediction for LL is the following…

    Second Life:
    Making Money From People Who Don’t Know How to Cancel Their Accounts

  3. I liked the article. I’m a RodVik fan, think he has the right idea. SL’s appeal should be vast and deep, and residents should be open to new ideas.

    • I like it too so far. He seem to have a healthy approach to virtual worlds and i hope he can influence SL in the right direction =)

      • I’m with you on Rodvik. He immediately got my attention the day he said he was searching for SL’s secret sauce. I think he’s done a damned fine job so far, all things considered. He’s got a different POV and I think his focus on the new user experience is very healty.

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