A new swedish sim in OsGrid

A friend of mine saw a picture from a small city up north in Sweden and recognized some of the houses I had built on my old inWorldz sim Midsomer County. The picture was from around 1940 and she became inspired to try to create an environment like that. So I imported some of the houses to OsGrid and although the sim is only a few days old some of them are already rezzed!

The birth of a new sim is something special <3 This will be exciting. I´ll come back to this sim now and then and see how it progresses. Stay tuned!


3 Comments to “A new swedish sim in OsGrid”

  1. I didn’t realize you could import things from other worlds into SL. Can you also explort things from SL to InWorldz? Like you shape and clothes?

    • OH my! Did I have 2 postings scheduled today? Im confused :O) Yes Yordie I can export from and import to SL. BUT, I can only export stuff from SL I have created myself.

      The shape is possible and I have done that (as it is my own created shape). You have to write down all figures and manually adjust the shape. The face is most important. The hair and skin is not possible to export so you have to buy them again (if the creator has a business in the other grid that is).

      Still, the shape is a lot more important than the skin. You just have to find a similar skin and it will be fine =)

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