A wonderful opportunity -The lost paradise

A good friend of mine cant keep her wonderful paradise beach in Second Life so she just set it for sale. It breaks my heart cos I really love this place! I want if for myself but I cant have more land atm. So therefor I give you my friends the opportunity to look at the land before the landbots takes it! She set it for sale just some days ago and dropped the price to “abandon land” price today cos she will abandon tomorrow. 2000 sqm but you can of course cut it in pieces if you want smaller. Only 2000 LD for this! Last chance! It´s located on old mainland Hooper, a wonderful quiet residential sim. SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hooper/236/30/22


6 Comments to “A wonderful opportunity -The lost paradise”

  1. What a pretty, pretty land. So sad for your friend, Mera. Has anyone stepped up to buy it?

    • I havent been in world today so I dont know but yes tis wonderful land! She need to drop her tier so she has not enough time to sell it, therefor she drops the price now. Its worth a lot more…protected waterfront as it is. I dont think the landbots can see the price change until the map is updated. LL update the map every day (almost). So I hope a nice person will find it before any bot buys it and raises the price.

  2. I think I’ve been driving through there. One of the mainlands isn’t it? I recognize that bridge I believe. Pity though.

  3. Losses like this are happening way too often. I know that area. Is the brige going too?

    • Nooo! As this is old mainland and the bridge is protected, it will always be there, thank god! =) The land too, Its just a unique opportunity to get it this cheap. That´s why i wanted my friends to have a go at it before the landbots would fiest on it :))

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