He came, he saw, he saved us! #Second Life

Yesterday I filed an AR for this fullbright magenta advertisement wall as my neighbour also ARed some days ago. It took no more than 2-3 minutes (!) then Yoshi Linden showed up looking like a ninja. *faints*. He said “hello” then the wall was gone and so was he, before I even had a chanse to pick up my chin from the ground and thank him. He sort of blow both me and the wall down :O)

So I removed my wall and my tower and now I can see my neighbours lovely garden again behind his low wall and the mosque towers in the background. Who says Lindens are slow? Not me anymore that´s for sure :)

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10 Comments to “He came, he saw, he saved us! #Second Life”

  1. And justice is done! Congratulations!

  2. Good to hear! The ninja garb was also a bonus I imagine.

  3. The Lindens I have met are very serviceminded and helpful. Not very talkative though, but effective. Like superheroes, swooshing over the grid ;)

  4. Becky; Yay! Yesh! Veni vidi vici :)
    Deson; Yes! cool he was :))
    Gittrika and Leanna; Exactly, a mix of ninjas and superheroes. I got that feeling. Not very chatty but they get the job done :))

  5. As bad as we must acknowledge LL can be with somethings- other things are lightning fast. Glad it worked out for you. Honestly, anytime I have had a problem with LL they have taken care of it immediately. Yeah we know- there’s pletny to fix and we know they aren’t the best listeners of what people really want.. but in this sort of thing, for me they have always been right on the money.

  6. Bravo Linden Lab !! Bravo Yoshi Linden !! And great news.

  7. I have noticed the same…tell them the prob, its done!

    • Yes I think they has got a lot of unfair critique. There are some people that talk “by their own cause” so to speak. They have business in other worlds and tries to scare people away from SL and other worlds to get more customer to their “own” world of choise.

      I have seen people use this weapon a lot and I dont approve of it. Sure LL mess up now and then but who doesnt? Most of the times they are good enough I guess otherwise we wouldnt stay :)

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