There’s something about Alessia

This was my first avatar and she is not like everyone else. Strange things happens to her. I will try to decribe some of it but you will probably not believe me. Another thing that often happens when i log in with Alessia is that some unknown random avie contacts her. That is never the case with my main. Why is that? The person dont even have to be on the same sim and I have no sexy photos in my profile. So why?

Twilight zone nr 1: It was summer – about august 2009 when Alessia was lying in the water outside my island in Outerland. She was just next to my neighbours bridge where she waited for my neighbour to come back from afk. I looked away for 2-4 seconds and when i looked back Alessia was climbing up on the bridge!!!! With a natural climbing animation. And no stair. I know, funny farm next for me. But I actually saw this happen. And I tried to do it again but failed. She couldnt come up how much I even tried. Anyone has any idea how this is possible?? I will never forget the sight…

Twilight zone nr 2: Happened just before i wrote this, today 8 of march. Alessia was standing on my square outside my house. I left the computer for some minutes. When i came back the square is empty. Of course!! I zoomed out but no Alessia. I thought i had crashed. So i hit esc. She was INSIDE the house! O.o

Things like this never happens with my other avie. Alessia is spooky! Explanations are welcome.

Another strange thing is that I have begun to miss her more and more. I sort of have bad concious that I dont log in with her other than when I need something from her invent. This shows how we establish a relation with our avies. Alessia is a representation of my RL self and when I dont “use” her I feel I neglect a part of myself. Sorry, I guess im creepy now?



8 Comments to “There’s something about Alessia”

  1. Oooh spookey indeed! I am anxious to hear if anyone has any explanations!

  2. It wasn’t me! No, really, I didn’t do it!

  3. Mina & Leanna; Hrmm PETOF (Protect the rights of Fays?) are highy suspected :]

  4. I’m still trying to figure out who Alessia reminds me of.

  5. i love that Alessia gets contacted by unknown other avies. are these romantic contacts or just no esplanation?

  6. Leanna; oh exciting! But she has the same shape as Mera in inWorldz. Maybee that´s why? =)) Or Kim Wilde when she was young? I saw a video recently and it kind of reminds me a bit of her (pic):


    (warning, oldies ;)

    What do u think? If you figure it out let me know! :)

    Yordie; Both! =))

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