Would you rent from this man? #Second Life

You see the pink wall? It belongs to my new neighbour. He recently moved in next to me in our lovely village on Mainland. He obviously loves PINK. He is a landlord/landbaron in Second Life since many years –  Sixpence Rentals. This is what he writes in” about land”: ” My land at Sugarloaf aims to blend in texture with the surrounding builds. Any suggestions are always welcome.”

uh hmm….. is he for real? What kind of impression does he want to make? Do you feel you can trust a person like this? Would you rent from him?

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16 Comments to “Would you rent from this man? #Second Life”

  1. It is art isn´t it :)
    I get angry when people are so full of egotism that they do not even try to imagine how other people perceive what they do but arbitrarily decide that all they do is right and that all other people are expected to shout hurray regardless of consequences to themselves

  2. He has nothing better to do. Seldom any reason why people do like they do. Only a sick way to kill time

  3. This is really sad. To deliberately pollute another’s experience like this. There ought to be a remedy, no? I would absolutely, under no circumstances, rent from anyone who would treat others so disrespectfully.

    • Exactly. And he is not only polluting for us neighbours but also for people passing by. He gives mainland a bad name.

      I guess he wants my closest neighbour to buy the land from him. But its not always that easy. That might also mean you have to climb up a level in tier…. So its kind of extortion.

      I havent seen my neighbour in days now. Im afraid he will give up and move away. He has built a wonderful village, open for everyone, and that would really be a shame if he did cos of this griefer =(

  4. i love pink but i don’t love that wall!

  5. Has any one A/R’ed this? Because that is ruining your experience and OK so it was ages ago that I had to deal with such- but on both occasions that I had a problem with a neighbor whose tastes in decor were questionable, the Lab came in and made it go away- honest…

  6. Mera, I seem to remember reading about this person before somewhere doing this tactic. Basically erecting something very hideous in a effort to drive away renters from the surrounding area and then purchase the land on the cheap thus expanding his holdings.

  7. i’m sure he’s one of those dudes who try to drive land prices down and drive neighbors out so he can take over. it’s really sick. it’s why so many people give up on mainland.

    Try to find something in the TOS and write either a AR or some other complaint. You’ll get no response from the Lab. It’s what’s wrong with the mainland. it’s an example of LL’s lack of concern for social issues. It’s a shame.

  8. Amara & Yordie; Yes mainland has a lot of issues but I love it anywo so I will continue to fight for it. Mainland is what makes SL unique compared to other grids, or one of the things. But mainland needs a revamp. This time they reacted immediately, both when we had this particle spam and this time so I have hopes. Mainland has the capacity of being a wonderful place Im sure <3

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